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Getting Organized and my first make!

I think the ambitious sewing at the end of 2016 had me a bit stunned at the start of 2017😊. I mean, even my sewing machine sounds different! It was a homestretch strong finish I must say.

Starting off 2017 after taking some time to reflect and look ahead I am now getting into the swing of things.

-So far I have completed one alteration and a high neck top.

-I was also able to complete my sewing room organization a few weekends ago! I feel great about this in particular! For the most part everything has a home.This will help my flow for the months ahead! Here is a sneak!

After successfully completing the above I felt it was time to make my first memade for myself. I don’t know if you guys realise the trend but my personal pieces are spur of the moment. Literally I was talking to my mom on facetime and the next thing I was sewing this shift dress. I tweaked a current self drafted pattern to create the look.

I did make this with the purpose of wearing it the next day, so I was in it! Yayyyyyy😍😍😍

The sewing bug is back!  I have a few items ready to go for this week! Woot woot!!

Just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do I do I sew sew sew sewwwwwwww!





Time Saving Sewing- A Stitch in time saves nine!

If I did manage the time I spent sewing I would be super productive. I never really thought about it that intensely until I was looking at the pile of unfinished projects I have at present. Now don’t get me wrong, some of these pieces were started prematurely and/or are waiting fittings to be edited and sewn. Despite that explanation looking at the pile made me think of, “How in the world did I get here?”. I murmured to myself “I should not be doing any new projects and I should not even buy fabrics? “Okay, maybe the not buying fabric is a bit too harsh..hahah( I will manage the purchases).

The piles I am working on. Slow but sure.


Pile No.1


Pile No.2

So back to the header on Time saving. I read the book below over the past week and I kid you not, my sewing has changed.I have also seen a literal change in the time spent on a project as well as the results. Amazing. I am  still at the learning stages of this sewing journey so a good read with a few great pointers and I am sold. Can you tell I am really serious about getting this right? Even if it is just for me and those around me that would love to get my handy work. 🙂


Sewing has basically earned a place on my to do list weekly. I got instantly that if I plan for it like everything else I am one step closer to finishing a project. I may not finish an entire garment in a day ( Like I tried to force before), but as I chip a way at it one sewing session at a time I am eventually able to complete it. It will also be completed with less errors as when rushed and I will be more than happy with the outcome.

While I gather so much from this quick read I really wanted to share some four pointers. Perhaps it’s my Novice revelation and everyone knows these or someone out there can get something from this and apply it to their craft.

  1. Sewing with a plan– As a Project manager by profession you would think that this is the way I approach my sewing. Nope. Think again. Total opposite.However if you have a plan, you are more likely to get a far way with less errors than winging it. If you know what I mean. How many times have you started a project knowing very well you don’t have all the materials. And of course when you get to a certain point and you don’t have a particular piece and the project is left in waiting until you decide to get the missing pieces. Of course this is not always the following day that you acquire the new piece. Some crafty persons have make mentioned of the feeling they had when they started that project not being there when they leave it for whatever reason. I have heard stories of the feeling coming back, most times later than sooner. Having a plan makes your sewing more purposeful.
  2. Planning your  area– As mentioned above, a season project manager you would think I do this. But for some reason I think I can just sew and find things as I go.Planning my sewing space does make a big difference. I am currently working on re organizing my existing space for high efficiency. I am serious about this and I want to improve.  It all connects to your project, your attitude and your overall approach. Planning your area also helps you to take stock of what you have and what you may need to stock up on. Your mini stash.
  3. Shop wisely– Let your shopping be lead by your projects. What is needed for that particular project in terms of fabric and notions.Otherwise your stashes will be more than your completed projects. We don’t want that. 🙂
  4. Learn tips, tools and shortcut techniques– I think its safe to say that there are shortcuts to assist you in your craft. Any craft whether Sewing, Quilting, Knitting etc. Some learn them sooner and others later. I would encourage you to learn it sooner. It helps with the time saving and better project outcomes. Of course I do not know all the shortcuts there is to sewing,  with barely a few in hand I endeavour to learn as time progresses. Tips and tools are also essential in time saving, so the more we know the better our projects and our creativity lends itself to a greater depth. We are more in a position to launch out and try new things instead of sticking to the same old same.


I endeavour to sew efficiently, learn new habits, get rid of some old ones and get the most value out of the time spent sewing and creating projects that I am proud to call my own. So here is to that new beginning. One sewing date at a time and the pile will be depleted. 🙂 Also I will be working on reorganising my sewing space too. Watch out for updates and project completions.


If all my projects would be thought out, how efficient would I be.hmmm I can only try. 🙂

Wish me all the best .


Hope you enjoyed this article.