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Expanding my sewing family.Does she inspire you?

My purchase to myself this Christmas, a Dress Form. Yay! So much to choose from, so expensive too. My local fabric store had a 50% sale off the forms.. .Perfect timing and within my price range.

Thanks to the support from family and friends who ordered scarves from me over the past two months. Your support not only gave me added sewing confidence but also inspired me to take my sewing to the next level with regards to garment construction.

After setting up the form from the box, it was like instant ideas started to flow. Not only do I have my own model but there are so many things to try and to experiment with now. While I was limited in my thinking of trying clothes on the form for fit only, I am seeing the endless possibilities my new found sewing addition could have. Her name is “Sistah”

IMG_4268 IMG_4275 IMG_4284

What about you? Do you have a form? Would you get one and why?

I would love to hear from the experts too on your experience owning one of these and how it has helped your sewing and or creativity.

Until next time, just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do we do we seeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!