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Throwback Thursday 

Hey beautiful people!

Happy Thursday!

I thought I should stop by to share a relaxing photo since we are nearing the end of the week. Also it’s really nice weather today..not the kind to Jump into a beach cover up at the pool..hahaha but it makes you dream of a time when you could! 😊😎👙👒🍹🍦

Have an awesome Thursday! Until next time!





What’s your style?: It exist right?


Join me in this mini series on style over the month 4 Mondays in May starting today. 🙂

I read this article once by a popular fashion blogger about redefining your wardrobe. In the article she says ” having a lot of clothes does not make you stylish”.  It’s funny cause for sometime I didn’t think I was as fashionable since in reality I didn’t have a lot of clothes. But then that changed. I had a lot of clothes. But guess what…. I still wasn’t fashionable. *Chuckles* Why I say that .. Lets see, I had a wardrobe full of clothing yet every time I get invited out or have an event I always have to buy something new, not always but most times I am inclined to. Ain’t that a challenge right? It just wasn’t adding up. How can you have clothes but don’t have? 

When I read that statement from the blogger it brought so much clarity and a push that made me re-evaluate how I defined my style and more so how I build my ideal wardrobe. Tired of the Tornado that swept through the closet look that’s left behind before every event….. you know what I mean!

My notion… it doesn’t matter how many folks you admire and incorporate pieces of their style into your look, in the end I feel you come out with something original that really reflects you. It’s okay to admire, copy, cut and paste. Don’t lose yourself while doing that though.

In the past 7 years of sewing and really pushing the threads, it’s only within the past three years I am beginning to really define my style. There are certain elements that are common to how I select clothing, put them together and how they fit and feel before I make a purchase. It’s that serious. Life is too short to not be comfortable with what you wear. I am sure we all had that stage where we wear clothing to fit in that was not the best for our body in some ways or the other. 

Dream with me….

What if you could love every stitch of clothing you own? You know,every piece your favourite piece? That’s the kind of wardrobe I would like to have one day. Thats’ right.. every piece having a story, jelling with each other, mix and match, across seasons, fun, function and fit all in my closet.

Sounds like a tall order. But hey… the sky is not the limit. Define your style and then build. One piece at a time.It will take time but once you know what works, you can build from there. The key is knowing and learning what works for YOU. Stop buying clothes to fit in and say you have, when really you and I know they are not working for you. Your clothes should work for you. If it is not working for you ….let it go….*hint hint* It’s time for a spring clean.

What’s your style? Or I should say your wish list?I would love to hear from you? Image result for quotes on style

I have a few other great articles in this series on style for the rest of May you don’t want to miss. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Have an amazing week!





FALL FEVER: The infinity is back!

Fall is here and we can agree or disagree. 🙂

The sewing chronicles for fall continues and I am back into making my customized infinity scarves! Dropping by to show you what I have been up to. These pieces are all on my etsy shop now. Also I am working on my photography skills and some new products to add to my shop! So its busy busy busy in addition to my 9 to 5! 🙂 🙂 What do you think about these pictures? Not bad if I can say so myself.. 😉

Fall 2015 3 DSC_1737 Fall 2015 2 DSC_1874 DSC_2097 DSC_1775

Trust you enjoyed these pictures of what I have been up to. Special thanks to my friend SO who graciously  volunteered to be apart of my fall fabulousness. She really shows you that your accessories can make a statement this fall/winter! Good models are so hard to find. 🙂

What have you added to your fall sewing? I would love to hear. Or what have you added to your fall wardrobe? perhaps you can inspire me with some ideas for more FALL sewing? Do share!

Happy Friday to all.

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Less than 48 Hours Sewing victory: 1920s in 2015!

This was some project! You know those times when you tell yourself you can’t and then you can?? You know the confusing battle in your mind between time, skills, to do, not to do, can I, I can…. maybe that’s just my mind right. But if you can or cannot relate this story I hope it will inspire you or encourage you to go the next level in your sewing, to take some risks especially those involving limited time to deliver….:)

Here goes….

You could say I was down for the challenge when I started talking to my friend late one Monday evening. It was a casual inquiry on whether I had any skirts or dress in stock that can be purchased to attend a 1920s themed Gala. Of course me being a sewer who would only sew on request or have unfinished pieces I am working on did not have any thing fitting that description. I mean it’s not everyday you get a request for a 1920s look right!! 😛

So somewhere between the conversation of me saying I didn’t have anything and my friend wishing she could have informed me sooner to attempt a piece,  I was in my stash!! Yes, you heard right. I was chatting and then I was going through my stash simultaneous, just checking to see if there was a possibility in there that could be salvaged for a look.

Well as you can assume, I did  find a piece and in no time it was draped and pinned and ready to sew.. somewhere between 11pm and 1:30 am.


Playing around with draping the piece of lace I found….. 🙂 It took shape pretty quick I must say!


Tried another variation of the skirt… I was really trying to not cut the lace and use it for what it was worth!

The idea was to make a skirt, so that was all the fabric I could salvage. In the end I found another piece in my stash and was able to make a matching tank and tada!!! there you have a full outfit. hahah here is the pinned combo.. Nothing sewned just yet at this stage…


The matching Tank and skirt draped.. no sewing done at this stage… 🙂

Feeling accomplished by 1am that evening.. I was off to bed.. dreaming of the completed look.. I couldn’t wait to get home that afternoon to complete the look.  I sent the pics and all and  my friend loved it! I felt pleased.

Here goes the finished product:


I went the extra mile and added some embellishments to the tank, in case she wanted to wear the Tank on the outside of the skirt or again with another outfit…..


Up close on the skirt! I love it!!


Close up on the embelishments!

IMG_5458 IMG_5463 IMG_5465 IMG_5468

All wrapped and ready to go! I included the left over sequence in case my friend wanted a hair band…functional!IMG_5483

Nervous as ever and sitting to edge of my seat I await the review and fit. ( There was no fitting at all!!!!…crazy….) I loved it.. I took lots of pics as you can see above…….. But does she? will she wear it?……………………………………

She loved it!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaahh.. and she wore it!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Sewing victory!!!!! here she is:


Fabulous!!!!!! The 1920’s never looked so fabulous!! 🙂

Proud and inspired to keep sewing!!! 🙂

Have any of you done anything like this before? The short term sewing challenge? Would love to hear your experience.

Thanks for stopping by.

Just keep sewing just keep sewing.. what do I do I sewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!