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Show me how you Burlesque!!!!!!!


My first encounter or should I say tulle related project. I was commissioned by a friend to make a bustle. This bustle will be part of a birthday party Burlesque theme. The Birthday girl is really hoping to make a statement of her fabulousness as well as fierce side.

I first created three layers of tulle by attaching it  on the mannequin using elastic. This gave me an idea of how to create the shape of the bustle I wanted as well as manage volume.


Three layers of Tulle.


Get your bustle on.

I also added some trims to  her ready made corset down the sides and made a matching garter to add some more flare to this already fierce outfit. She was very happy with that and it completed the look.

Also to enclose the layers of Tulle I used a double sided folded satin ribbon to form the belt.

A few days later here goes the finished product…..She loved it!!

I added some pearls to accessorize this number! Happy Birthday girl.

Another great custom piece.

Just keep sewing….the sewing chronicles continue.



3 thoughts on “Show me how you Burlesque!!!!!!!

  1. Great job Uta….

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