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Escaping Winter at the Sewing Machine: The Beach Cover up Tunic!

” Take me away, a sweet escape… take me away to brighter days” Natasha Bedingfield

These two Tunics were made for two friends. I can definitely see me sewing a few more of these for the summer. So cool and also chic.

As mentioned in the previous blog I am escaping the winter blues at my sewing machine. Love the fabric, it was easy to sew and  draped beautiful. It is a sheer mesh type stretch material.( You guys know me and getting these fabric names right) I will enquire more on my next fabric store visit.

Both friends were very happy. And I am too ­čÖé



Styled with a Necklace and a belt as another option.



Made a belt to go with this as an alternative for styling…


Taking it to the machine…. The fabric was so good. Very easy to sew up.



So beautiful….. love how it drapes.

Escaping winter continues. New month, new projects! Stay tuned for more sewing adventures….

Just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do I do I sewwwwwwwwwwww

Much love