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Escaping Winter at the Sewing Machine: The Cotton Maxi Dress!

Hello All,

It’s been a few days since my last posts, but just a few minutes since my last sewing project. 🙂  Been busy , aren’t we all! I am not alone. But sewing continues. 🙂

As a sewing enthusiast I can totally escape the current winter blues at my sewing machine. Just one piece it takes. Here she is. My first summer dress. Yes, I said the word Summer and we are experiencing -20 Degrees weather here in Toronto. 🙂

It was a mock up I made a few weeks back while making a dress for a friend. I took my time with it as I really wanted it to be wearable in the end. It worked, so I am keeping her.

This cotton piece will be perfect for the summer weather. It can also be paired with a denim jacket too and different fun belts! It carries a pocket on each side making it a functional piece for me.





The sewing chronicles continues.. Escaping during winter at the machine! Look out for my tunic beach coverup/sheer summer piece for 2015.

How have you been escaping with sewing this winter? Are you anticipating Summer/Spring pieces already? Or are you  still buying more sweater dresses for winter? Whatever you are doing I encourage you to not get the winter blues. Dig into your cloth stash and  find something colourful, bold and spring/summer looking and escape!

Just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do we do we seeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww….until next time…

Much love




Ready to Wear Vs Custom Made: The Observation!

I love ready to wear clothes. 99.9% of my wardrobe is ready to wear. The 1% is the growing number of Me-Made pieces that is slowing coming into my wardrobe. I am excited about that too. I have always brought a critical eye to everything I do. Sewing is no exception. Even more so I am very critical of my work as I strive for perfection. This continues to shape my sewing growth and the pieces I make.

The observation

Overtime I have observed the reaction to ready to wear clothing,store bought,mass produced,ready made clothing and DIYs, Me-made, handmade, custom made clothing.  When I say reaction I am merely referring to either the response to assess in detail a custom item versus a ready to wear or the sometimes casual line heard “It looks handmade”. In my pre-sewing naive days I figured all not so made clothing was associated with hand made pieces. Forgive me guys, I didn’t know any better. I was surprised when I identified faults and errors in ready to wear clothing. How could this be? These are ready to wear, some expensive too. What a shocker that was for me. ” Do not judge a book my it’s cover”

With custom made the feeling of fit, and loving the item is never in lack but there is a response that comes when the creator of that piece is not around. You know, the detailing observation: the hem, the cut, the stitches etc. In my opinion handmade custom pieces undergo way much scrutiny.

Are there any loose threads, I missed a loop, the button is not straight?

I do put a lot of pressure on myself for perfection. Not that the items in the store are perfect. As discovered. Who are they kidding. I have now switched gears equally and now scrutinize store bought clothes.You heard me. I am the one looking at the seams in and out and all that before purchasing. Sometimes I actually assess whether I will sew it or buy it. Based on how poorly made it is as well as the high marked up price.  Based on my assesssment I ask myself whether I am undervaluing my time, detail and care that goes into every piece I sew. Is it all in branding when we shop? Whereby you/we hear a certain name and wouldnt question the authenticity of their fabric, let alone ability to construct beautiful graments?  Or are we just so still averse to homemade items that we only like the ones that are closer to ready made and are likely to be critical because we think we know better? No idea. I am still figuring it out.

The critical eye is crucial in everything we do. It’s not just in our wardrobe selection. So lets not just be critical in our viewing of one side and blinded by the other.Sewing is an art. Whether novice or expert every piece made have a special thing about it. In most cases it is not rushed, massed produce or requires major editing. It is a well made piece with specific measurements and detail design for the individual. It is pretty unfair to compare the two. Especially when the very designers that showcase mass produce items today started out with that one special prototype that was so unique it replicated thousands alike.Interesting you think….it goes without saying, custom made pieces are original. No two persons have the same figure, similar, never the exact. 🙂 

So How about…

Just for fun start looking into the little details in the clothing you buy. Just for fun, perhaps you have no interest in that sort of thing. But for curiosity give it a try and let me know your thoughts. Or maybe you do have a view on readymade versus Custom? I would love to hear. 

Happy Thursday 🙂

The sewing chronicles continues!!!!!!