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U-Feature: Infinity Scarf


U-Feature:Β A pictorial presentation of my favorite pieces sewn.

This first feature captures the sweater infinity Scarf. Definitely the only one I have made to date. It was a reconstruction project made using an XXXL mens sweater that produced this beautiful functional piece. Love it, I am yet to find a similar sweater to repeat this number! The search continues…..




Styled: Shrug Appeal


Styled: Wrap


Styled: Bolero

Special thanks to my Model.:)



12 thoughts on “U-Feature: Infinity Scarf

  1. Wow, that was a BIG sweater … and became a cute scarf!

  2. Well! What more can I say…..it gets interesting more and more. Just keep going- lovely pieces.

  3. Another beautiful piece……… You are so welcome.

  4. Nice it is wide and big enough to be a shawl too, so many variations.

  5. We absolutely love this at pure argento, awesome post!

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