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Fall Winter Sewing Part 2-A Circular Button Inspired!


How amazing is it to transform a piece of fabric into something beautiful. I think it is amazing. That’s why I am particularly drawn to sewing. I see a piece of fabric and I can envision automatically what I can see the fabric doing. I am even more thrilled that as I go along that piece is transformed. This was sort of my relationship with this skirt. Another addition to my fall/winter sewing. We should all add at least one circle skirt to our wardrobe this Fall/Winter. I insist on it. How preppy are these.

It was actually a full suit. But I didn’t bother with the top. It’s a crop top. Will probably show it finished in a later blog. But I rocked the skirt to work a few weeks ago.


All preppy!



The Twirl factor….love love


Posing-The full look





Great addition to the winter wardrobe. Hope you like.



10 thoughts on “Fall Winter Sewing Part 2-A Circular Button Inspired!

  1. Well well what more can I sat but to keep bringing it on..”…..I’m following you cheers

  2. What more can I say

  3. Looks great! Is it blue? It looked grey in one photo (sorry!). But I love shades of blue.. So I’m hoping it’s blue!

  4. I love the design and the colour!

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