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I got Nominated for “One lovely Blog Award”!


Thank you http://imadeit362436.wordpress.com/. I truly appreciate it. As a new blogger and sewer I gravitated to Nice Dress’s blogs from the beginning. I enjoy her posts and most of all her passion for sewing. I believe in learning anything new its always good to learn from those that have gone before you and tried too. Thanks Nice Dress for the Nomination! I am honored. 🙂

What is a One Lovely Blog Award? This award is given to bloggers by other bloggers, of course there are rules to this game, so if you would like to play along, all you have to do is:

1.  Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you;

2.  Follow the blogger who nominated you;

3.  List the rules and display the award;

4.  List seven facts about yourself;

5.  Nominate your own Top Ten Bloggers (let them know on their “About” page).

Seven facts about myself:

1.  I ran a half Marathon this year! My first ever!

2. I like to be creative

3.  I love sewing

4. I have another blog 🙂

5. I love God

6. I am the only child for my mother

7. I make ‘To do lists’ daily and weekly. 🙂

My top Ten: ( Had a hard time attaching link) Please click links below to see blogs Nominated..











You certainly don’t have to play along. But know that somewhere out there your blog is appreciated and is being followed by me.:)

Have a blessed day!




Winter/Fall Sewing Part 3- For Him!

Menswear???????? this was a challenge I gladly accepted without a fight and I absolutely loved it and he loves it too.


We worked on this from scratch together, which involved:

1. Going to the fabric store  and choosing the fabric

2. Drafting the sweater pattern with a T-shirt

3.Three different fittings before final product

By the end of the day the sweater was good as done.:) Team work!

I know, I know, I really do enjoy these right on the spot projects from start to end. A shirt in a few hours, a skirt in a few hours…..aaahh the adrenaline of the novice sewer. 🙂 hahaha. I can only imagine what time can do to this skill as I develop it.

So originally while shopping it was suppose to be a simple sweater. However by the time we came across the “knick naks section”- you know those add ons when sewing. He wanted patch on the sleeves…..hahaha…really!! ( Dude I have never done this before, go easy on the design pleaseeeee).. But hey I guess he had a vision of what he wanted because they came out great. Thanks Designer MV in training..lol


It didn’t stop there, he asked for a hoodie……( my oh my … ) I didn’t argue. With this ask he was generous to accompany it with a youtube video he found on how to do a hoodie. hahaha, my own sewing helper. What a fun afternoon it was. The Hoodie worked guys!!! The whole get up just worked.( we were debating adding laces to the hoodie, either way it fitted well)













This was a really good project for me. Nothing like a great review. He loved both sweaters and of course is very eager to wear them both. He might have just started the mens collection. What do you think? Who knows. These days I am just taking the challenges and going with it. It’s trial and error as I go but at the same time I am learning so much more and becoming much more confident with my sewing.

Hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to scroll up and on your right click follow and enter your email to subscribe by email to get updates and posts live and direct.




Fall Winter Sewing Part 2-A Circular Button Inspired!

How amazing is it to transform a piece of fabric into something beautiful. I think it is amazing. That’s why I am particularly drawn to sewing. I see a piece of fabric and I can envision automatically what I can see the fabric doing. I am even more thrilled that as I go along that piece is transformed. This was sort of my relationship with this skirt. Another addition to my fall/winter sewing. We should all add at least one circle skirt to our wardrobe this Fall/Winter. I insist on it. How preppy are these.

It was actually a full suit. But I didn’t bother with the top. It’s a crop top. Will probably show it finished in a later blog. But I rocked the skirt to work a few weeks ago.


All preppy!



The Twirl factor….love love


Posing-The full look





Great addition to the winter wardrobe. Hope you like.