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The deal was real and the scrap became my Sunday Flow!

Don’t waste material even when you are just trying it out. ( That’s what I say)

Recycling is key for me as a sewer. So here is an up-cycle I enjoyed two Sunday’s ago on my way to church. I am at present working on two pencil skirts for a friend. I decided I would make a pattern based on her measurements and the style. Once I completed that I would do a mock up before the real deal.

Let’s just say the deal was real and the scrap became my Sunday flow! hahaha


Sunday Flow 1

Rocking that pocket for sure.



sunday flow 2




* I added this unfinished looking flower to give it a pop. I loved it.


Hope you all enjoyed.


Sew uta sew….






Summer loving!- The “Onesy”

It’s officially summer!

So I am working on my wardrobe. ( Less buying more sewing, if you know what I mean) 🙂 Also a closet detox and sorting out what key pieces I need to have each season, I am really being driven towards the minimalist wardrobe yet with style. Key pieces make your wardrobe and sustain you through seasons and seasonal wardrobe clean out is a must. That dress you were planning to wear 2 years ago.. it’s not happening. Just give it away. At least that’s what I think.

On to the sewing….
So I haven’t been far away. I have just been busy. With life and sewing. To be honest it seems to be that happy medium on the active side of life. My go to remedy after work should I have the time to spare. A good de-stresser.

As challenging and busy as last week was my hands did not let me down when I needed that pick me upper at the end of the day, I called it the The Summer Y Jumper! This is by far one of my favourite quick sews to date. I say quick sew because it basically went like this, HOME from the fabric store and TO THE MACHINE. Yeah just like that I had me a pattern and then 1 hr later here I was trying on the finished product for size. ( My phone is temperamental, pardon the first pic 🙂 )



You would probably think after my 9 hours and more ordeal sewing with jersey fabric for the first time on the maxi skirt project that I would quit. Oh no I won’t, that was the last thing on my mind. I was determined and my machine with new settings, did not disappoint. Sewed it perfectly.


It’s festival season in T.O so I styled it up and wore it out this weekend. Here are some more pics.





Hope you guys enjoyed…the challenge continues..sew Uta sew!